TANSLEY FILM Community Cinema


We show our films in the smart, cosy, warm main hall of Tansley Village Hall. We use the Hall's excellent, drop-down 3.5 metre wide white screen. It is mounted high giving a clear view from the back row as well as from all the others. We project in high-definition (1080 lines) using a bright, high-contrast digital projector driven from high-definition Blu-ray disc, giving a clear, sharp picture. We have rich, powerful surround sound using large left and right front speakers, a sub-woofer to give full depth to the soundtrack and a central speaker tuned to make dialogue clear. Sometimes, owing to unclear speech by actors, the dialogue can be difficult to follow. Although we do not normally show sub-titles on English speaking films, we may turn them on if speech is exceptionally unclear.

We normally accommodate 85 customers but at present we have reduced density to 52, while Covid-19 is still active. Seating is in rows using the Hall's ultra-comfortable, deeply-padded, upholstered seats with ergonomically sculptured back rests. You can see our seat layout here. All seats are bookable and booking is essential.

  Customers in wheelchairs have easy access to the cinema and have a toilet designed for their needs opposite the gangway between rows 4 and 6 on the right. If you use a wheelchair and wish to watch the film from it, please let us know when you book so that we can allocate space at the right-hand end of a row at or near the front, to ensure your comfort and convenience.

We start the show at 7.30 pm with a free, on-screen preview presentation about the following month's film. We then show the film you have paid to see, running it right through to the end without an interval, so you can enjoy continuity. During the film, toilets are easy to get to as they are beside the main hall.

After a film, each member of the audience can drop a disposable emoticon () in a box at the door to tell us how much they liked the film they've just seen.

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